The Huge Bag of Worries – Worry Eater Soft Toy – Junior Pomm

Worry Eaters are great toys for adopted children who often worry about many things, including their birth family or siblings that may be placed elsewhere. There is a large range of worry eaters. This is one of our favourites. A good toy to have along with Virginia Ironside’s book the Huge Bag of Worries.

  • Worry Eaters make a perfect cuddly companion in good times and bad for all ages
  • Write or draw your troubles and zip them away in Junior Pomm’s mouth
  • Worry Eaters are proven to give comfort and reassurance which can help enable a restful night’s sleep
  • Multi award winning, including best Soft Toy at the Independent Toy Awards
  • Junior Pomm is 22 cm in length and made from soft premium quality plush for ages three and above


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