As an adopter it is recommended that we read so many different books! It can be very overwhelming. Then there are the friends & family to consider, if they are interested in reading about adoption, where do you start!

Below are a list of a few of the main books that we really did find immensely useful in the first couple of years of our placement! You will find some others that we’ve read with more context around why we found them useful in the What we’ve learnt section.


In this section we’ve highlighted some books for adoptive parents and their families to read. In here are a number of books that we’ve personally found very helpful over the years, including ‘Related by Adoption’, which is a great book for grandparents of adoptive children to read as there can often be confusion around why your children my react differently to those of any siblings you have.


Here is a range of books for children which we’ve either bought and used with our adopted kids or which have been used by, or recommend by our therapist. There’s a good mix here of books specifically for adopted children and other books that we’ve found useful around feelings and fears. We’ve given a brief description of each.