Our cards cost just £1.99 each plus postage and packaging (more details below). They come complete with an envelope and are dispatched next working day using Royal Mail First Class Post in a card backed envelope to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. If you prefer, we can write a message in to the card and post directly to the recipient on your behalf.

Cards for newly approved adopters

Approval is a big step in what can be a long process for prospective adopters. For some this could mark two years in to the process of adopting a child. It’s a special occasion that is worth marking and celebrating.

Cards for placement day

The day that an adoptive family take home their child or children is the ultimate goal and is both a happy and quite scary time! We have cards for single parent adopters as well as couples adopting.

Cards for naming day / adoption day

Naming day comes when the final legal paperwork has been completed and the child or children can take their adoptive parent’s surname. This is cause for big celebration and often a party is thrown.

Cards for international adopters

There are many ways to adopt, either from the UK or internationally. As such, we’ve tried to cover as many bases as possible and offer global adoption cards as well. Our range will continue to grow over time.

About our adoption cards and help choosing the right type

Adoption is very different route for becoming a family, as such as adoptive parents we have very different occasions to celebrate. We don’t have the baby shower or the birth to look forward to, however adopters have the highlights of being approved to adopt a child or children, which for some marks the end of a very long and often emotional process. Once approved, adopters are then matched with a child or children. Although again an important time in the adoption process, for various reasons not all matches proceed or complete. We ourselves were matched three times before we finally had success and our family was completed. As such, we’ve not created any match cards, we feel that placement day, the day that the child or children finally move in to the forever family home, is far more important and poignant, and we have a number of cards for placement. When a child is placed with a forever family, that is not the end of the journey. At that point, they are still deemed a ‘looked after child’ until such a time that the adopters apply to the courts for the final legal paperwork to be signed. At this time, this is when the child or children take the family name and become legally part of their new family. Adopters are also able to give middle names at this time. Following this, some families will have a special celebration called a naming day, inviting friends and extended family to welcome the child(ren) to their forever home. We’ve created a few cards for such an occasion. Families come in all shapes and sizes, we ourselves know single parent adopters, so we’ve tried to ensure our range of cards allow for all types of adoptive families. But this is just the beginning. We’ll look to continue to grow and extend our range over time so please do come back from time-to-time, and let your friends and family know we’re here.