Buying for an adoptive family and their ‘new’ child(ren) can be very different and it’s often hard to know what is an appropriate present. We’ve give you a few ideas below and we’ll also be posting other ideas regularly in our What we’ve learnt section as we continue our own journey as a Forever Family.

Placement Day gift ideas

Placement day will be the first time you’ll likely be able to give gifts to the adoptive family and their new child(ren). We’ve selected a few little items that we greatly received. Some of the items may look a little young, however even a school age child can present with a much younger emotional age and there are certain developmental steps that they may have missed, so going back to basics is often a good step.

Naming Day gift ideas

The final step in an adoption placement is the Naming Day! The day you as a family go to court and change the child’s birth last name to yours! It is an exciting day for all adoptive families as it marks the end of a long journey for all parties, and the end of the direct involvement of Social Services in all your lives!

Here are some really lovely gifts we have seen given to other Forever Families.