Age: younger children, possibly up to 10 years old.

William Wobbly and the very Bad Day is part of a series of books written by an adoptive mother and her adopted daughter! Each book has a main character, in this one William Wobbly, and focuses on their feelings which lead to some challenging behaviours. They are written very simply, but really hit the mark. Our eldest, Owl didn’t find them too “baby’ish” – and was readily able to identify with the main character, William Wobbly. William starts off the day with a BAD feeling…. and he tries to push it down, but things just keep getting worse and worse. Luckily for William – his adoptive mum knows just what’s going on and is able to verbalise how his bad day has happened!

With our eldest, Owl, we use the analogy for a snowball. If they have a big feeling and ignore it then it grows, just like a snowball does as you roll it in the snow… it just gets bigger and bigger. We also tell Owl that if he just goes back one or two layers in the snowball he’ll not really address the core of the problem and so it won’t go away!

We’ve only read 3 in the series but there are a whole lot more – see the link below! We’d love to know if any of you have had any experience with these books and what you think of them. Please do message us below and let us know.