Age: younger children, possibly up to 7 or 8.

Spark Learns to fly is a lovely little book about Spark the dragon and his baby sister who have to go to a Foster Carers because their mummy and daddy fight so much. The Foster Carer helps them explore how they felt when their parents fought and allows spark and his sister to explore all their questions.

This book strikes me as one to use a puppet with. I found this great one which is just like SPARK the dragon. We’ve used puppets a lot in our therapy sessions as it allows Owl to act out and ‘voice’ things – but it’s not ‘them’. The therapist has then picked up on the key parts by saying to the puppet “Oh dear I imagine Spark found that VERY scary. I’m wondering if spark thought it would be easier to stay quiet during those scary fights” or things along this line. Owl has reacted VERY well to this and it’s something we’ve done at home. We’ve bought a few puppets here and there and when re-reading these books with both kids, we let them act out the stories, ask questions and they seem to voice things they otherwise wouldn’t say – as it’s not them it’s “spark”!