Age:  Prospective Adopters, Foster Carers, Adopters, or anyone working with children of Trauma!

I first read this book when I was a prospective adopter.  Of the many many books recommended by Social Services, I particularly loved this one.  It was a very easy book to read.  I loved the ‘glossary’ which laid out many terms which seemed strange before we had children (i.e.:  Insecure Attachment) and which social workers and other professionals used like a short hand language.

Once our kids were placed with us however, the sheer exhaustion of parenting took over and book reading went out the window (as well as watching serial TV shows, nice dinners, relaxing baths…. Etc.!!).  It was only when my social worker suggested I revisit the book that I discovered its true purpose.  This book has a wonderful Index which allowed me to dip into only that bit which I needed a bit of guidance on (i.e.:  Aggression – which we saw a lot of in the early days) and gave me both a deeper understanding (reminder!) in those moments of doubt as to why I’m not getting through, as well as reminding me of what was important in those moments of ‘bad’ behaviour how to constructively deal with it so that I could help to repair.

Don’t forget as a new adoptive parent to TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF.  I have often failed at this and have found myself at my wits end on many occasions.  When you take time to take care of yourself, you’ll have more energy to help your kids!