Singing is a very important part of a child’s development and one stage our kids had missed out.  Singing nursery rhymes and interacting with puppets allowed our children to relax!  We found this set really helpful.

We would put all the puppets in a bag and then take turns putting our hand in a bag (introducing the element of ‘good’ surprise to our kids in a non-threatening way) and pulling out a puppet and then sing the nursery rhyme that went with it!

I had the privilege of attending a Sing & Grow course sponsored by my local authority.  If you can, and the program is in your area, push to go on it. Both of our kids went (one with me and the other with my husband) and we really can tell you it made a difference.  If there is not a program near you, check out their website and download the songs.  They helped to introduce the idea of self-regulation, taking turns etc.  We burned the music to a CD and played it in the car, at home etc.  We even bought some instruments and would have a 20 minute ‘concert’ in our front room every Saturday to practice the songs & reinforce the regulation, turn taking etc.

Later in DDP Therapy with Owl we stumbled upon a great book/cd called Sitting Still Like a Frog by Shambhala Productions Inc.  This book introduces mindfulness to parents and children. There are simple exercises and activities which parents can work through with their kids and in time our kids enjoy doing it by themselves!