A safe place for Rufus book by Jill Seeney

Well after last week being laid low by the virus, we’re all so happy to be back to normal…. Just before the Half Term (holidays are ALWAYS trying in our house). So we’ll be taking a break next week, but wanted to get this book out there before half term, as if like us your children struggle with holidays, perhaps you can help them create their ‘own safe place’!

A Safe Place for Rufus by Jill Seeney

Age: Recommended for 4 – 8 years old

This is a wonderful little story about a cat who is living in a home, where he gets fed, taken care of and lots of cuddles, but struggles to feel comfortable. You see Rufus didn’t always live in this house and in the house before the people weren’t kind to him at all. But in the new home Rufus finally finds a space where he can relax and feel safe and slowly lets his walls down.

I wish we’d had this story when our kids first moved into our home as once we did find this book (2 years into placement), it gave great comfort to both of our kids. The kids were so happy that Rufus finally found ‘his’ place in his new home and over time so have our kids. Encouraged by this book, both kids accepted our offer of some comfy pillows, and blankets, and make dens out of them and when they are feeling particularly sore over something, they will go there to calm down! I’ve even heard of some families buying those pop up in play tents, so that they can create a ‘safe’ place for their kids to retreat to from time to time; which would probably be easier than our blanket tents!