Ok so a week later than expected (thank you Norovirus!). Our 1st Book Review. This is a book we’ve referred to in previous blogs, but it is a firm favourite in our house.

The HUGE BAG of WORRIES by Virginia Ironside

Owl (our eldest) is an Avoidant Attached child, this means they want to do EVERYTHING by themselves. A few years into placement now and we ‘practise’ asking for help, but it’s still a daily struggle. So from time to time we revisit The HUGE BAG of WORRIES and remind Owl that many worries they are carrying around are worries that many children who have been adopted have – this has reassured Owl that they are not ‘different’. A definite read for all adopted kids, but really helpful for those who are avoidant and don’t reach out for help as often as they could!

In addition to this book, we’ve recently also invested in a Worry Eater monster. This allows Owl to write down their worries and put them in the doll. We’ve not yet progressed on to mummy or daddy looking at them, which we will do in time, but for now it gets it immediately off of Owl’s mind!